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Awrel Standard™

HIPAA-compliant texting and collaboration for small dental practices.

Text all your colleagues and patients – even if they are not Awrel subscribers!


Designed by Dentists for Dental Professionals

Texting via mobile device and desktopAwrel is the dental industry’s first mobile messaging application on a business platform that ensures 100% HIPAA compliance. It enables image and document exchange, individual and group messaging, collaborative workflow, and cloud-based data archiving. Using Awrel is as easy as texting a family member or friend. Awrel’s built-in features allow you to collaborate with colleagues and patients— so you can provide quality care on time, every time. With email having an open rate of only 20% and texting having an open rate of 98%, doesn’t it make sense to use Awrel? 


  • Mitigate risk with 100% HIPAA compliance
  • Ready for mobile download and desktop login
  • Share images and documents quickly and easily
  • Maximize the value of collaboration — among individuals and groups
  • Improve processes and outcomes by streamlining workflow
  • Avoid delays with real-time, asynchronous and integrated communication
  • Optimize patient care; enhance customer satisfaction
  • Reduce unnecessary return patient visits
  • Efficiently place and fulfill implant and device orders (minimize redos)
  • Improve quality and minimize mistakes due to miscommunication
  • Securely store images, documents and communication exchanges — in the cloud
  • Ensure flexibility and cost-effectiveness with stand-alone or scaled use
  • Built on an expandable platform for future capabilities development

What are the technical requirements to use awrel?

Android: v5.0 (lollipop) and above.
IOS App: v10 and above
Chrome: v56 and above
Firefox: v51 and above
Edge: v40 and above
Safari: v11
Note: Internet Explorer is not supported.


Awrel’s embedded workflow is designed by dentists, for dentists and the people with whom they communicate. You reach the right people at the right time to optimize clinical excellence and patient experiences.