Awrel Voice™

Voice-guided data entry makes hands-free dental workflow easy and simple.

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Awrel Voice is a custom add-on to Awrel Enterprise.


Now Awrel is even easier with hands-free voice assistant capabilities

Dental product and service providers can readily leverage voice application services to enhance customer service with voice- guided data entry and other voice-based transactions

Amazon Echo Our automated voice-powered digital workflow is available for all types of business transactions including hands-free lab ordering. This new smart virtual assistant solution works within Awrel’s HIPAA compliant text messaging application to power smart conversational voice experiences via cell phone or voice assistant devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Awrel’s new voice dental solution embeds artificial intelligence to guide users verbally through simple or complex customer experiences to ensure transactions are fast, accurate and complete. For lab orders, for example, the software's decision tree logic facilitates smart conversations about implant type and size, mode of retention, location, date required and more.

Now, for the first time, the dental industry can quickly and easily leverage texting, hands-free technology and artificial intelligence — all with total HIPAA compliance.