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HIPAA compliant Texting and Conversational AI for Dentistry

Awrel digital workflow management platform is focused on:

  • Efficiency
  • Productivity
  • Accuracy
  • Outcomes

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The Essence of Efficient Workflow

HIPAA compliant texting is a powerful Practice Management Tool.

Texting is the most efficient and productive tool to manage healthcare decisions and communications with colleagues, labs, suppliers, and patients.

Awrel CONNECTTM is a free service.

Virtual Workflow Templates

Powerful HIPAA complaint conversational AI virtual assistants manage time, accuracy,documentation, and security.

  • Time is critical
  • Accuracy is essential
  • Documentation is mandetory
  • Security is a federal requirement

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Virtual Assistants Standardize, Automate, and Document Workflow

Lab workflowLab workflow

Today’s Digitally Savvy Dentists will use Awrel for:

Managing patient care   |   Lab communication   |   Remote patient care

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Webinar: HIPAA Compliant Texting and Collaboration in Dentistry

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For busy dental professionals, convenient worry-free communication and optimized workflow are essential elements of daily practice. Smart Training and Awrel’s Arnold Rosen, DDS, are inviting you to learn about a solution that will fit every practice, regardless of size or staff.





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