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Virtual Assistants with AI
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Manage Your Patient’s Journey with Peace of Mind

  • No app to download
  • SMS Notification
  • Easy secure guesting
  • One click to view and chat
  • Easy password management

One HIPAA-Compliant Platform for all Your Communications


SMS notification with secure links
One Click to view and Chat


Simplify Referrals
Easy Remote Patient Management



Secure Conversation
Order using virtual assistants with AI



Multiple business communication requirements with a single program


AwrelCONNECT is a tool for your business

HIPAA, Soc 2, ADA, and GDPR Compliant

Create secure channels with your personal and business world

One click to chat and share documents 

Information is always at your fingertips

The Essence of Efficient and Effective Workflow

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Webinar: HIPAA Compliant Texting and Collaboration in Dentistry

For busy dental professionals, convenient worry-free communication and optimized workflow are essential elements of daily practice. Smart Training and Awrel’s Arnold Rosen, DDS, are inviting you to learn about a solution that will fit every practice, regardless of size or staff.

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