Hear What Our Customers Have to Say About Awrel

Dempster Therapeutic Services, LLC has been utilizing Awrel since 2021, and I am compelled to share my thoughts on this groundbreaking platform that has significantly enhanced our patient communication and collaboration processes. As the Clinical Director of Dempster Therapeutic Services, LLC, it is crucial for me to ensure that our communication methods align with the highest standards of security and compliance in the healthcare industry. Awrel has emerged as the pioneer in providing 100% HIPAA-compliant mobile and desktop solutions for secure messaging, image and document exchange, collaboration, and storage. From the moment we integrated Awrel into our workflow, it has proven to be a game-changer in how we manage patient communication and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Dempster Therapeutic Services, LLC has found Awrel to be an indispensable tool in our commitment to providing top-notch patient care. The platform's security features, combined with its user-friendly interface and collaborative capabilities, make it an ideal solution for any healthcare provider looking to enhance their patient communication strategies.

As we move forward with the transition to Awrel as our primary patient portal, we anticipate even greater efficiency gains and improved patient outcomes. I wholeheartedly recommend Awrel to my colleagues in the healthcare industry, confident that it will revolutionize the way they approach patient communication and collaboration.

Andrzej Lewandowski, MHS MA CCC-SLP/L

Clinical Director, Dempster Therapeutic Services, LLC


I am Dr. Kevin Peterson, delighted to write this testimonial endorsing AwrelConnect's platform for dentists.

As a dental professional specializing in endodontics and an active participant in dental associations, I understand the importance of efficient and secure communication in managing referrals and the continuity of patient care.

AwrelConnect's platform has proven to be a game-changer for me. Its user-friendly tools include HIPAA-compliant chat, extensive file sharing such as images and CBCT scans, and integrated forms to introduce the patient, the reason for the referral, the current condition, and any patient concerns. In addition, it provides a platform for secure, efficient conversation to manage the continuity of a patient’s care.

It brings me great satisfaction when a colleague sends me an AwrelCONNECT referral, providing an immediate connection to document and manage a patient's needs. Now, we are seamlessly connected, eliminating faxes, voice mail, paper trails, and snail mail reports with photographs of before and aftercare.

We are all on the same page. In dentistry, where communication is paramount, AwrelCONNECT improves efficiency and frees valuable administrative and clinical office time. In addition, the program ensures information is always at my fingertips.

I highly recommend AwrelConnect to any member of the dental community or business professional seeking a secure and user-friendly solution to streamline their operations.

Dr. Kevin Leonard Peterson

President, Massachusetts Association of Endodontists Treasurer, Boston University Endodontics Alumni Association Member, American Association of Endodontists Member, Massachusetts Dental Society Member, Schilder Institute for the Advancement of Endodontics Fellow, American College of Dentists

My name is Erol, and I am immensely grateful for Dr. Arnold Rosen's exceptional care over the past several years. I recently received a medical diagnosis that no one wants to hear and one that required immediate dental work prior to undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. I connected directly with Dr. Rosen through AwrelCONNECT, ensuring we could discuss my case securely and efficiently, and equally as important, in a timely manner. 

A cancer diagnosis is incredibly disruptive and trying to navigate the complexities and frustrations of contacting numerous medical providers only adds to that stress. Having access to AwrelCONNECT allowed me to initiate a seamless dialogue with Dr. Rosen and schedule the necessary dental work right away. Thanks to Dr. Rosen's recommendation of this platform, I knew he would be accessible and responsive, which are often elusive in healthcare.

Thank you, Dr. Rosen, for introducing me to AwrelCONNECT and making this aspect of my healthcare journey more manageable and predictable. With everything going on, just knowing that I could connect with Dr. Rosen in a matter of hours — not days —
  provided a welcome sense of calm during an uncertain time.