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Getting Started with Awrel


Technical requirements to use Awrel:

Android: v5.0 (lollipop) and above.
IOS App: v10 and above
Chrome: v56 and above
Firefox: v51 and above
Edge: v40 and above
Safari: v11
Note: Internet Explorer is not supported.

A simple step-by-step “How To” once you have logged into Awrel

Sending messages to PATIENTS:

  1. Click “+”
  2. Enter the patient's email address
  3. Click “invite patient”
  4. Create a message and post

Your patient will get an email with a link to create a password for a permanent two-way connection with your practice. You can now message and share X-rays and digital files with your patients while maintaining your HIPAA compliancy.

Sending messages to a COLLABORATOR:

  1. Click “+”
  2. Enter the colleague's email
  3. Click “invite colleague”
  4. Create a message and post

Your colleague will get an email with a link to create a password for a connection with your practice. Your colleague will be offered a 30 trial of all of Awrel's solution. If they don't become to full subscriber, they will continue to have a permanent connection to you through your subscription.

Starting a GROUP TEXT:

  1. From your mobile device: Click on new message and add multiple recipients
  2. From your desktop: Click on “new message” and add multiple recipients in the TO field.

Only public and colleagues show up in the narrow down search list but the private users can be included if you know their full email.


  1. Click on the three lines in the upper right corner
  2. The search field will open
  3. Add a name or keyword to the search field
  4. Click Return
  5. Review the returned messages
  6. Click the “x” in the search field to delete search criteria and return to the most current messages.

Messages that fit your criteria will show in the Awrel window.