Secure Messaging and Group Chat

AwrelCONNECT offers HIPAA-Compliant messaging and group chats with end-to-end encryption for all messages and files to ensure sensitive information remains secure and private. The platform provides a reliable and secure messaging experience for businesses.

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One HIPAA-Compliant Platform for all Your Communications

Awrel AI Tools

AwrelCONNECT members can use integrated AI tools to create educational instructional content, address patient concerns, respond to frequently asked questions, and improve patient engagement and satisfaction.

Group and Project Management

AwrelCONNECT Integrated Resources offers tools and services to manage individuals,  groups, and guests by invitation that streamline operations and increase productivity.

Awrel Group Project Mgmt

Secure Large File Store and Share


AwrelCONNECT Integrated Resources offers secure, large file transfer, storage, and sharing. The program’s robust security features ensure that all files are encrypted and protected while providing a fast and safe way to collaborate on projects and access files from any device or location.

Create and Manage a Forms Library

AwrelCONNECT Integrated Resources Forms Library offers a customizable library for creating and deploying forms, including surveys, registration, and contact forms.

Trust AwrelCONNECT to manage your forms and provide quality care to your patients and business partners.