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Awrel FAQs

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What are the technical requirements to use Awrel?

Android: v5.0 (lollipop) and above.
IOS App: v10 and above
Chrome: v56 and above
Firefox: v51 and above
Edge: v40 and above
Safari: v11
Note: Internet Explorer is not supported.

Can I send a HIPAA-compliant message to a patient?

Yes, just follow this simple process:
1.    Click “+”
2.    Enter the patient's email address
3.    Click “invite patient”
4.    Create a message and post

Your patient will get an email with a link to create a password for a permanent two-way connection with your practice. You can now message and share X-rays and digital files with your patients while maintaining your HIPAA compliancy.

What is the cost for a patient connection?

No additional fees. Texting with patients is a benefit to all Awrel subscribers.

What size files can I share and store on Awrel?

We currently share and store files up to 50mb. For larger files we recommend creating a link in an Awrel message to the files stored in third-party applications.

Can I message with a colleague who is not currently an Awrel subscriber?

Yes, it's simple:
1.    Click “+”
2.    Enter the colleague's email
3.    Click “invite colleague”
4.    Create a message and post

Your colleague will get an email with a link to create a password for a connection with your practice. 

How does Awrel support HIPAA compliance?

All communication between your Awrel application and our back-end system is encrypted. Even when users are on insecure networks, such as at an airport or coffee shop, no one can access your data. We use industry-standard AES encryption for stored data. Read More

How can I utilize Awrel if I work at multiple locations?

One of the great advantages of using Awrel is its mobility. You can log in from any desktop or mobile device, regardless of your location.

How will we manage multiple subscriptions within our organization?

Our Awrel Enterprise solution provides a Subscription Management feature for authorized personnel to easily add and delete subscribers within your organization.

Is new hardware required for Awrel?

No. Our SaaS solution does not require a server installation, and IT support services are unnecessary. You will be using Awrel on the same day that you purchase it!

Can Awrel be integrated with a practice management or other systems?

Yes. Awrel was created with APIs for easy integration.

Can I use Awrel to send group/bulk text messages?

Yes! We allow you to send group/bulk messages with the click of a button. You can easily add any number of recipients to a message and distribute any kind of message or file to the group.

How long does it take to deliver a text message?

Text messages are usually delivered to mobile phones and the desktop within a few seconds. Delays may occur if the recipient's phone is turned off or is outside of the coverage area, but most carriers will attempt to deliver your message for up to 72 hours.

Do I need technical skills or knowledge to use Awrel?

No! Our solution is designed to be simple. Our system is so intuitive that you'll be a pro in no time. But if you do need some help, just contact support — we welcome the opportunity to assist you.