#1 In DentistryYou have an obligation to protect patients’ privacy and security Text with Awrel, be HIPAA compliant

Now available in Enterprise and Standard versions

At no additional cost you can text all your colleagues and patients – even if they are not Awrel subscribers!

Your Low Cost, All-In-One, Worry-Free Solution

$10 per month provides unlimited, HIPAA-compliant texting with patients and colleagues.

Accelerate productivity with individual/group messaging and collaborative workflow. Share and store documents, photos, and all types of dental imaging including CTs. Subscription options

Awrel Desktop and other options

Mitigate your HIPAA risk and accelerate your productivity!


Collaborative Workflow

Awrel’s embedded workflow is built by dentists, for dentists. Communicate and collaborate with the right people at the right time to optimize clinical excellence and patient experiences.


Awrel, a HIPAA-compliant mobile and desktop solution built on a powerful business platform for the future of dentistry and quality patient care.

HIPAA VIOLATIONS CARRY STEEP FINES — up to $50,000 per patient record.

And yes, that includes dentists.

We worry about protecting patient information so you don’t have to. Free yourself from HIPAA violations and fines.