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Awrel releases dentistry’s newest HIPAA-compliant texting application with powerful environment for collaborative workflow

Dental professionals can reduce risk of federal offenses associated with texting private patient information via native Apple and Android messaging environments

Boston – February 7, 2017 – Awrel, a Boston-based dental solution provider, today announced an enhanced user interface and new features to improve communication and collaboration in its HIPAA-compliant texting application. A first-of-its-kind tool created for the dental industry, the Awrel solution speeds information exchange among dentists, labs, academic institutions and dental supply companies while also providing powerful tools to streamline clinical and business workflow.

“We set out to provide incomparable simplicity for dentists who are now violating HIPAA law when texting within Apple and Android texting environments,” said Arnold Rosen, DDS, Awrel founder and CEO. “We’ve had phenomenal response from early adopters who report increased productivity, reduced frustration and true opportunity to improve outcomes. We’re very pleased to unveil a radically new user interface and added functionality for improved communication and collaboration.”

According to Rosen, email is today’s standard for exchanging information. Yet research shows that across all industries, email has an open rate of just 20 percent compared to a rate of 98 percent with text. "We founded Awrel on the premise of bolstering productivity while ensuring privacy by equipping dental professionals with an easy-to-use, always-on, secure texting environment provided at a low monthly fee,” he said.

Unlike today’s commonly used email systems which frustrate many dentists, Awrel provides quick message, image and document exchange, intuitive workflow, and secure cloud storage in HIPAA-compliant mobile and desktop work environments, Rosen stated. Among new additions are:

  • Easier-to-use interface: Awrel’s fully revamped interface replicates the look and feel of today’s most widely used and familiar texting apps, easing use and accelerating productivity
  • Extended reach: Awrel subscribers can invite unlimited non-subscribers and patients to participate in two-way HIPAA-compliant text messaging at no added cost subscribers or invitees
  • File structure enhancements: Users have improved capabilities to create topics and specify multiple topics, providing quick and easy access to archived messages and files
  • Message ownership improvements:  Only message owners can add new members to a message thread, ensuring information sharing is limited to intended individuals
  • Improved file management: New desktop administrative functionality to manage sharing and storage of large files (i.e. images, radiographs, DICOM files, CT scans)
  • Improved archiving: Awrel provides ready access to information at any time without security risks; because Awrel is not a transient texting app, files are never deleted, but instead stored securely in the cloud

Rosen, a practicing prosthodontist and respected consultant and lecturer in the dental industry, explained that the Awrel app is built on a 100% HIPAA-compliant business platform. This can streamline integration with practice management systems, EHRs, and third-party systems, and can also provide “near-limitless opportunity to embrace the future of digital dentistry,” he said.


About Awrel
Awrel offers dentistry’s first low-cost, easy-to-use application for 100% HIPAA-compliant texting with message, image and document exchange, individual and group messaging, collaborative workflow, and cloud-based data archiving. The solution ensures HIPAA compliance when texting — for dentists and dental labs sharing digital information, solution providers integrating chat for dentists and patients, device reps working with dentists and dental labs, and academic environments seeking solutions for private, secure texting. Built on a transactional business platform, Awrel provides a powerful environment to cost-effectively move into the future of digital dentistry and connected health.
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