The Expanding World of Locum Tenens in Healthcare

Jan 1, 2024

Linda Gregson

The Expanding World of Locum Tenens in Healthcare

In healthcare, the term "locum tenens" holds a special meaning. Derived from Latin, it translates to "to hold the place of, to substitute for," the role these professionals play. Locum tenens physicians and dentists navigate from one healthcare setting to another, providing their expertise wherever needed. Their primary mission? To ensure continuity of care and maintain or add specialty expertise when absent in a healthcare setting or continuity of care when regular staff members are absent for reasons like vacation, illness, or continuing education.

For physicians and dentists who operate across multiple offices, efficient and secure communication is a constant challenge and a crucial aspect of their work. This is where AwrelCONNECT emerges as an invaluable asset. Let's delve into how AwrelCONNECT can revolutionize the way these professionals operate across various locations:

Are you using the native non-compliant messaging app on your mobile device for practice communication? Locum Tenens has an elevated challenge to staying organized. What follows is a short list of challenges that can impact efficiency, productivity, and outcomes.

Locum Tenens, ask yourself:

  1. Do you have a secure link to your office or offices, a single place to manage practice-related communications?
  2. Do you have a secure program to follow referrals effectively?
  3. Do you have one secure program to store and share large files?
  4. Do you have a secure program to connect with patients?

1. Time is money. Do you mix business with personal non-compliant messaging

You can save time and increase your productivity and earnings by maintaining a secure connection with your office or offices: The daily juggling between offices often leads to fragmented, unintentional communication. AwrelCONNECT ends this struggle by providing HIPAA-compliant provider-centric interactions in one seamless platform. This ensures that physicians and dentists have consistent access to their patients, referrals, and colleague communications, irrespective of location.

2. Managing the referral process is difficult under normal practice circumstances.

AwrelCONNECT provides secure messaging and file sharing to manage the referral process. In addition, the program offers custom forms to provide context and required information, including the current condition and purpose of a referral.

Stay connected, manage information, and care continuity, and avoid a growing area of medical and legal liability from mismanagement of referrals.

3. You can effortlessly store and manage large file transfers.

No more “this file is too large,” try another program. Save time with easy information sharing in one program and a conversational environment to maximize productivity.  

4. Effortless Communication

AwrelCONNECT's platform facilitates connections with patients and other healthcare providers. Whether consulting with a colleague or updating a referring physician or dentist, clinicians can provide timely and informed input on patient care, thereby enhancing overall treatment efficacy. A clinician can use AwrelCONNECT secure guesting to contact and stay connected to patients requiring special attention.

In professions where confidentiality and compliance are non-negotiable, AwrelCONNECT offers a HIPAA-compliant environment for all communications. Whether sharing patient data or discussing treatment plans, specialists and dentists can trust in the highest security standards.

Time is a precious resource for all professionals.

AwrelCONNECT is more than just a tool; it's a comprehensive solution for physicians and dentists working in multiple offices. It brings together efficiency, security, and accessibility, ensuring that these dedicated professionals can provide the best possible care to their patients, regardless of where they are practicing.

The Rise of Locum Tenens: A 2023 Snapshot

The use of locum tenens physicians has seen a significant rise in the healthcare sector. According to CHG Healthcare's 2023 State of Locum Tenens Report, nearly 50,000 physicians worked as locums, representing about 7% of the available physician workforce. This marked an 88% increase since 2015. The report also highlighted that locum tenens usage is widespread, with 64% of healthcare facilities using them to maintain staffing levels. Among these, one-third reported using locum tenens often or very often.

The use of locum tenens in dentistry follows similar supply and demand patterns seen in physician staffing and is primarily driven by the shortage of dentists. These professionals play a crucial role in maintaining patient care and the operational stability of dental practices. This demand is driven by factors such as the aging population and the increasing recognition of the link between oral health and overall health.

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