Corporate Dental Practices

Achieve System-wide HIPAA Compliance and Patient Engagement

Maintaining quality, best practices, compliance and efficiency across a national practice is challenging unless the staff has the appropriate software and requirements to use them. Awrel provides HIPAA-compliant texting with documents, images and X-rays. And with the Awrel Cloud, we provide easy access and audit trails for compliance.

Texting has a higher open and response rate than email. Your dentists, patients and others will appreciate that, and it will go a long way to solidify referral streams and enhance dental productivity. 

Dental Assistant texting on phone

Awrel is fully HIPAA-compliant. Using the texting system that comes with your phone for patient information is a HIPAA breach, and violation fines are very expensive and require public exposure — not a good way to grow a practice.

Ninty-eight percent of your patients have already chosen texting as the most-used capability of their mobile device. Shouldn’t your dentists and staff do the same?  Contact us for more information.